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Task Flow

¡Using Krama GOT is easier than any social network! The life cycle of a task managed by Krama GOT is described below

  • Task Registration

    The team coordinator uses the management application to submit a new task. He or she introduces the task information and the location where it must be carried out.

    Task information may include specific client’s business data: Policy number, PDF with technical specifications of the equipment to be repaired, etc., according to the configuration and task type.

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  • Task Assignment

    The coordinator decides which employee is to be assigned to each task. To do this, both the task location and suitable worker real-time positions are shown on the map.

    If a date and a time for the completion of the task are entered into the system for the completion of the task, the system will show future mobile worker locations according to the previously assigned tasks on his or her agenda.

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  • Pending Tasks

    The mobile worker can either check his or her list of pending tasks or the daily destinations map on his phone to organize his or her daily schedule.

    They can use the GPS navigation system on his or her phone to find the route to his or her destination.

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  • Task Completion

    When a worker completes a task, he or she reports to the system a questionnaire with information in real time. This questionnaire is configured and adapted for every company and it includes all necessary information for every type of task.

    It may contain several fields: text, numeric, photos, signature capture on touchscreen, barcode read by the device, etc.

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  • Statistical Consulting

    Several statistical reports are available on the web application to learn about the status and progress of a set of tasks.




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