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Cleaning, Maintenance and Service Companies

Large facilities maintenance, sports facilities, residential areas, green spaces, office cleaning

MantenimientoKrama GOT allows cleaning companies and auxiliary services improve their internal processes, which guarantees better value for money and provides complete customer satisfaction. Streamline scheduled task monitoring and allocation of important services.

The operator or the team leader have access to all information on scheduled actions and can record all activities carried out during service, including all necessary information: used/required* materials, barcodes, photos, client signature, etc.

The manager can supervise a greater volume of services and control larger teams from the office: the application tracks location on the map and his or her agenda (assigned tasks, pending tasks, time required for travel time, etc.). It is no longer necessary to contact the operator by phone to know his workload and location.

Moreover, customers can keep informed on the evolution of his service at any time through automatic notifications or even direct access to the system for report or statistics consulting.


•    Increase profitability: when improving processes, the team’s productivity increases, getting more billable hours and more daily effective working time.
•    Team’s location tracking, control of their routes and agendas.
•    Minimize reaction time in case of incidence at any time.
•    Improve productivity through efficient management and automatized task assignment for workers according to their proximity and availability to the destination point.

•    Improve both image and customer servicea.
•    Simplify administrative procedures, reducing paperwork. Work reports, Installation Orders and maintenance reports in real time and in data format, without the need to transcript from handwritten forms.
•    Provide easily-interpreted and constantly-updated structured information for both internal and client and provider use.

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