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Mobile Workforce Management Platform

Application to coordinate a distributed workforce (technicians, delivery personnel, commercial employees...) and their managers from the office for facilities management, maintenance, urgent notices, commercial sales, POS marketing campaings and stock control, etc.

Increase efficiency and minimize the chance of data errors through an effective combined management of information technology and mobility.

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Krama GOT connects team coordinators in the office, mobile employees, clients in their homes and possible external supervisors.

Each user will instantly receive the notifications they need as the task to be accomplished develops.

Krama GOT Components

It consists of two main modules: the management web application, to manage the mobile workers network and the tasks assigned to each one of them; and a mobile application available for Android, iPhone and iPad for mobile agents, where they receive their assigned tasks.

Application Management

By using the management web application, team managers can track the GPS location of all mobile agents, manage their task scheduler, assign new tasks, communicate with them and see statistics on the overall task development.

Consola de administracion


Mobile Application

On the mobile application, the employee can check his or her list of pending tasks, locate their position on a map, use the GPS to reach their destination, report incidences and the completion of each task.

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Google Maps Coordinate

Google has announced to some users that the solution Google Maps Coordinate will be discontinued next January of 2016. 

If you are a Google Maps Coordinate user and you are looking for a substitution, Krama GOT all the functionalities, plus others.

Get in contact with us to ask for a demo.

Powered by IBM Bluemix! 

IBM Bluemix is a IBM developed platform-as-a-service. It includes open sources Cloud Foundry and many services ready to use; it runs on Softlayer infraestucture.

IBM Premier Business Partner

IBM Data Mobility Services.

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